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With around 100 executives covering more than 30,000 products, the YPO provides procurement solutions to a wide range of public sector organisations, including schools, local authorities, charities, emergency services, kindergartens and nursing homes. Founded in 1974, the company has become the largest public sector purchasing group in the UK and remains 100% state-owned. All profits made are returned directly to public sector customers, ensuring that potential employees are able to make a real difference in terms of social value and positive impact in the communities they serve. By leveraging YPO frameworks, potential customers can rest assured that they are sourcing the best available products at the best prices without compromising service or quality. All suppliers approved by the framework have been pre-qualified, making the system fast, easy and efficient for buyers and suppliers to use. Cost savings, easy system integration and the opportunity to learn from other schools using the same technology were key factors in the creation of this agreement. Large companies such as multi-academy trusts will benefit from less duplication of work and ultimately reduce waste, save costs and increase efficiency. The framework agreement is accessible to all public bodies, including the central government and the public sector in general, social housing organisations and voluntary and municipal bodies in the sector. YPO is a public company of 13 municipalities, provides a large number of customers and concludes framework agreements for almost 50 years.

The framework includes the procurement, procurement, management, installation and maintenance of a range of computer software, networks, telecommunications and managed services, including computer-based ICT services, for schools. The approach of having a single-vendor framework was influenced by YPO`s stakeholder engagement after witnessing first-hand the issues schools faced with rigid, outdated, and costly managed services regulations. Capita has signed a four-year agreement to provide educational technology services to schools and local authorities based on the latest YPO framework. Capita will be the sole provider of the ICT Managed Service for Education and WPS (000982) framework. Telensa has been granted preferred supplier status by the Public Sector Procurement Bureau, YPO. The announcement comes as part of the launch of YPO`s latest framework agreement for the supply of connected street lighting, central management systems (CMS) and wireless controls. The 4-year framework agreement is the result of a quality-oriented procurement process with good value for money, allowing YPO customers access to the latest street lighting technologies. Telensa PLANet® is a world-class CMS-controlled lighting infrastructure with over 1 million connected luminaires in the UK alone.

The framework can be used for the award of service contracts above and below the threshold of the Official Journal of the EU. Clad Safety is pleased to announce that the company has successfully achieved accreditation to become one of the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) approved frame suppliers. In addition to providing timely access to Capita`s technology services and support, the framework will reduce procurement time, which schools will instead be able to use to focus on curriculum and teaching. YPO is a 100% publicly owned non-profit purchasing organization. As the largest PSBO in the UK, YPO has significant purchasing power by matching its customers` spending. YPO`s main goal is to create fully compliant frameworks to meet customer requirements while achieving significant savings for customers. If you are not sure if you are authorized to access the framework, contact YPO for clarity by sending an email to [email protected]. Robyn Lamport-Rann, Category Buyer – ICT, YPO, said: “This is the first single-vendor framework for the education sector, and we believe Capita is the best partner to take this journey with us based on the breadth and strength of their skills and educational offering. The Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) is a uk government procurement arm that provides products and services to a wide range of customers, including emergency services. An £8 million framework tender was recently launched, specifically designed for selected companies capable of providing bespoke drone equipment and services to the UK`s emergency services and blue light sector. “Together, we will be able to provide technology strategies that equip schools with the best IT support they need.

Our shared social values have helped lay the foundation for this new framework, and this partnership will enable schools to provide the best possible learning experience for their communities. For more information on the YPO`s framework agreements, see www.ypo.co.uk schools and local authorities can access the list of the framework`s services on the YPO website. “Telensa is pleased to have been selected under the YPO framework agreement for connected street lighting. The business case is clear for local authorities switching to LED to add wireless controls and a CMS as part of their deployment. We look forward to showing YPO customers the significant energy and cost savings that come with PLANet, our CMS and our connected street lighting solution,” said Brent Hudson, CEO of Telensa. Clogworks Technologies is proud to announce that we have been accepted as part of a consortium (led by Skyports and also with Wingcopter) for this YPO framework agreement. About YPO YPO is one of the largest public sector purchasing organisations in the UK. YPO, which is wholly owned by 13 local government agencies, has also established formal relationships with 71 other organizations – the so-called associated member agencies – in local government and the wider public sector. YPO has an annual turnover of over £1.1 billion, with a reach that includes around 30,000 products and 80 public sector framework agreements. Founded in 1974 to consolidate the procurement expenses of its local authorities, YPO has helped achieve efficiency savings in the public sector through its bulk purchasing power for product supplies and centralized contract services initiatives.

Please watch our history and heritage video to learn more – www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLchNA5jiZs With over 30 years of experience providing workwear, uniforms and PPE for a variety of industries, working with the YPO has been a natural addition to Clad Safety. .

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